What Angela Jane Does…

Photography is often the first impression and the best way to reach your audience. Whether it’s millions of people online, or a handful of people in a board room. For good or bad, photography makes an impact! Photography in Dunedin and Otago is her focus and she loves to get out and meet people.


Not all photography is created equal: A good photograph is one that represents the soul of what you are about in a powerful, well lit, intentional composition, that makes you look your best and sets you apart from the crowd.


Angela Jane provides custom services to meet your vision, deadlines and budget. Whether it’s climbing a tower crane, hanging out of a helicopter, working from our jet boat, or rooftop, she can handle almost any request in-house to maximise time and cost efficiency. She is 100% client focused and passionate about what she creates and who she creates it for. The relationships she has with her clients are her proudest achievements!

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