Angela Jane is a Dunedin Wedding Photographer.
She covers all of Otago and has been creating wedding images for the last 15 years.
Angela does it because, she loves it.

As a Dunedin Wedding Photographer, Angela Jane takes a relaxed and unforced approach.  She documents your nuptials just as it happens and does not staging too many photographs. Her whole approach is to be as organic as possible, just you, her and a camera. Just a story of what happens on your wedding day from start to finish.

She creates wedding photography how she sees it in her head, gorgeous, romantic, full of love and warmth. She makes her images as personal as possible, so the story she tells is real, natural and emotive.

Her work has been featured in Rock N Roll Bride UK blog.  It shows a beautiful and unique Dunedin wedding at Larnach Castle and how effortlessly Angela Jane has captured it.

Your wedding Day
From beginning to end, Angela Jane wants your experience with her to be as enjoyable and fun as possible. She loves helping in anyway she can during the planning process. Whether it is a scheduling question or an opinion on colours, she is always there to help.

The pre-planning meeting, which you will have one month before the wedding, is very helpful for both of you. She will learn your vision, photography style and preference so she can then dial in a timeline.

On the day of your wedding her goal is to let you two be you and create something beautiful and emotional in all the chaos, nerves, and joy.

She will always arrive early and with a disarming smile and won’t make you pose awkwardly (LOL). Rather, she waits for moments and will prompt you with cues.  As a Dunedin Wedding Photographer, Angela Jane likes to take a low-key part in your day.

She may ask you to tell each other stories and get you talking and laughing. She will direct you to amazing light and epic backdrops. Then she may hide behind trees, capturing the authenticity of the day and all the love surrounding you.

She still gets teary eyed during vows and speeches and has been known to bust out a dance move or two if the mood should strike.

Mostly she aims to capture those fleeting moments that go unnoticed on your wedding day, the ones you end up cherishing forever.