Commercial Architecture

Angela Jane is a Dunedin Commercial Architectural Photographer that can bring her extensive knowledge and skill base to your architectural project.

Light as a design aspect in Architectural Photography

Photographing architecture is about capturing the purpose of a building.  It is also about the visual creativity of the Architect’s design. The main goal is to capture the essence of each project because this reveals its unique qualities. Light interacts with the lines in building design, the angles and viewpoints to capture the Architects’ vision. Angela Jane strives to provide clients with the highest quality photographs that explore the best design aspects of the building.

Hooked by the challenges of architectural photography, Angela Jane finds herself continuously pushing her technical ability to higher levels. Through using a mixture of natural light and artificial light, she is able to artistically spaces with individuality and flair.

She can deliver Professional Services to Award Winning Architects, Hotels, Building Trades, and Holiday Home owners throughout the Dunedin and Otago region.

Most importantly, as a Dunedin Commercial Architectural Photographer, Angela Jane can bring that look to your photography that you are looking for. She has experience with commercial, industrial, editorial, corporate, fashion and architectural photography.  Angela is able to bring the best to your annual reports, websites, and all of your marketing needs.  She enjoys showcasing the best of a project but also enjoys a little drama in her photos.  What’s life without a little drama…right?

Whether the architectural space focuses on the exterior or interior, Angela can provide beautiful architectural, commercial and interior photography for any location.  Her images are used across all sectors including retail, commercial property, hospitality, offices spaces and residential property.


Archipro has chosen Angela Jane Photography to represent the best of Architectural Photography.


Dunedin Architectural Photographer

To create a fine composition in architectural photography you need to pay attention to the light, sky and position of the structure. Angela Jane would recommend visiting the building at different times of day.  This allows her to observe the effect of light before photographing it. It is important to capture how light falls on the shapes, textures and angles of the building because light and shadows will change dramatically throughout the day. This will also give a chance to asses so she best position to photograph the structure.

Above all, Angela Jane is committed to getting you the best images of your project, whatever that might be.