Zaibatsu Hair Art – St Clair – Dunedin

I am very humbled to have been part of this amazing creative process.  Zaibatsu Hair Art – St Clair – Dunedin is a very successful business here in Dunedin and it was a pleasure to photograph these stunning ladies.  They were selected as the winner of the Lust 2018 Salon Collection.  So pleased and excited for them!

Photographing fashion images is a passion of mine.  I enjoy everything from the planning and researching, storyboarding and shoot day.  Watching the hairdressers and makeup artists work is a pleasure. I always make an effort to connect with the model so when they are ready for their shoot they are already comfortable with me.

What is your vision for the shoot?  Consider what mood you are looking to create?  What will be the end use of the shots?  Are they going on your E-commerce website?  Social media? One of the most important steps on how to prepare for a photoshoot is to take some time to really think about where you are going to use the photos as it will play a huge role in the type and look of photos you need.

To view more of my lookbook fashion work, please visit my gallery.

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