Dunedin Commercial Fashion Photography

Dunedin Commercial Fashion Photography

Mel at Hello Friday wanted to get some more images of her Winter Collection so we headed out to St Clair esplanade on another hot day. It was Friday lunchtime and there were lots of people around to check out what we were up to. We started out with some quick studio shots and then onto the location work. It’s a fun challenge to find the right light and angle for each shot and our model did a great job with so many people passing by and checking out the shoot.

Fashion label shoot in Dunedin with behind the scenes

A look book is a fashion catalogue of well-styled images. It is a creative way of story telling that helps convey the essence of a brand.

Why should brands get a look book made?

  • Shows the products in action and serves as an excellent marketing tool.
  • Expresses the lifestyle of a brand to the buyer aided by props.
  • A look book is more impactful as it engages the audience in a story.
  • Is one of the best ways to get your new collection the focus it deserves. It is also one of the easiest ways to reach your target market by devising a theme which gauges their attention.
  • Tears from your look book are also a great feed for your social media posts.

In Dunedin Commercial Fashion Photography there is lots of scope to make it unique to our surroundings and something special for your brand.  If you’re doing product photography planning is the most important aspect of a successful photoshoot. Fashion photography is no different.

The process of getting everything set up correctly is vital to making sure that you get the shots you need. So from setting up the right team to getting the necessary permits to working with the right modeling agencies, it’s the work you put in ahead of time that will directly result in the quality of the photos we’ll be able to get. 

If you are interested in seeing my other commercial images, please check out my galleries here.

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