Angela Jane is a Commercial Photographer in Dunedin and Otago regions.  Her flair for brand photography is obvious in her attention to detail. She is dedicated to representing you and your business style.

The photos you share on your website and social media play a large roll in the presentation of your business. They are often the first impression potential clients have on the quality of your service. Ditch the cell phone or point and shoot camera and invest in professional photography in Dunedin with Angela Jane.

Angela can photograph a wide range of genres of photography. So if you design, build or create something, she can get that product or service looking its best in front of potential future clients! Take pride in what you do and showcase your work through attention grabbing, professional building photos!




Having the right images professionally captured, will give your brand the recognition it deserves.

As a Commercial Photographer in Dunedin Angela Jane can tell you that photography plays a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. It also enhances your positioning as an expert. This in turn gives you the competitive edge with the purpose of increasing your reach and enhancing your sales. Preparing for a Personal Branding Photoshoot with Angela Jane will ensure you get the best result because she cares about how you are presented.

Dunedin Commercial Photographer

Don’t risk disconnecting with your customers by using lesser quality images

If you want to attract attention to your brand, you need to have inspiring first impression through great photography.  Lesser quality photos across your marketing and website will instantly de-value your brand.

Today’s’ customers are more and more wanting to connect  and create relationships with people and their brands.

Personal branding photography is an investment in yourself and your business. Entrepreneurs and artists across all industries are using visual imagery everyday. On social media, blogs, websites, magazines, books, and so many other ways to stand out from the crowd. Branding helps to drive more traffic to your websites. It increases your conversion rates and so makes an impactful first impression.  Stay top-of-mind with current clients, and ultimately propel your brand to higher profits. If you have a product or service that you sell then you will most likely need branding photos. These communicate with your ideal clients and can therefor transform your business!

Get in contact to have a consultation with Angela Jane to see how she can fulfill your commercial photographic needs.