Business Content

Dunedin Business Content Photographer Angela Jane is intent on making your experience fun & stress free. Providing professional photography services.

How it works:

Angela Jane will sit down and discuss your brand, business and what your photography needs look like.
Depending on what you need, you can then discuss if would you like to have your brand photography sessions monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

Monthly sessions are short and sweet great for those business owners who:
  • Create products monthly (Etsy shop owners, artists, landscaping/gardening companies who want to show off their finished designs, salon owners, restaurants, breweries)
  • Hold monthly workshops or events (coaches, mastermind leaders, wellness professionals, collectives)
  • Solopreneurs that are posting on social media everyday
  • Entrepreneurs who want to create their own stock photography to use and theme monthly
  • Realtors
Bi-Monthly sessions are also short in length and great for:
  • Create seasonal products (Etsy shop owners, artists, jewelry makers, makeup artists, bloggers, restaurants, breweries)
  • Hold a handful of workshops or events a year (coaches, mastermind leaders, wellness professionals, collectives)
  • Solopreneurs that are posting on social media 3×5 times a week
  • Anyone listed above who wants to roll over their previous month and double the time of their session.
Quarterly sessions are longer, mindfully planned and great for:
  • Entrepreneurs growing a personal brand and want to tell curated stories
  • Solopreneurs who want their social media to change with the seasons
  • Solopreneurs who also want post planning help on how to use their images for an entire quarter
  • Small Businesses that need head shots for employees

Dunedin Business Content Photographer, Angela Jane says that web content imagery should be part of your yearly marketing budget because photos that bring out your true essence will help create connection and conversions. Paired with stellar content, these photos will show your audience your value. They will show why clients should invest with you vs your competitors.

Working together regularly allows Angela Jane you to get to know you better and vice-versa.  Your sessions become more efficient and you are able to get photos you love. You can trust that she’ll know how to capture the angles you love, the emotions that speak to your brand so you will feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Visual content drives engagement and this equals sales


1. Budget for a photographer. How much is your brand worth? Just as you would budget for your logo, marketing and website design, it is important to set aside a budget for photography. You can hire a photographer from $500 to around $1500+ a day (depending on the scope of work) but it is a worthy investment long term as you will have an authentic library of images of artistic workplace shots, portraits and in action shots just to name a few.

2. Hire and Expert: We can all change a light bulb but that doesn’t qualify us to be an electrician! Professional photographers have the skills, equipment and eye because you can’t fake experience.

3. Avoid using stock images: Stock images are easily accessible and easy to use but they most often do not connect with your branding. The good ones are often expensive and the more cost effective ones are usually generic and boring. They run the risk of having your audiences disconnect with your brand.

4. The results are only good as the brief. Spend a small amount of time, filling out your photography brief, so as to achieve the results you want. Include your brand values, target audience as a start. Also think about your own styling and those who work with you because presentation is essential. Angela can provide you with avenues for styling, hair and makeup too.

Angela Jane is inspired with capturing the right outcome for your brand and business. She’s committed to bringing your personality out so that your images are more engaging to their audiences.

If you are needing branding photography, please don’t hesitate to contact her today for a consultation around how she can help you.


Here’s a great shoot I did with FYI Media.