Dunedin Residential Architectural Photographer

Dunedin Residential Architectural Photographer Angela Jane says that architectural photographs decode the built world. As a Dunedin and Otago photographer of architecture, Angela Jane interprets three-dimensional spaces into images.

She carefully assesses the perspective, the time of day, the lens, and the exposure to create a series of images that captures the structure’s essence and creates a lasting impression. These images aim to serve the people who commission them – Angela Jane is the promoter. Ultimately, she uses the camera to amplify unique characteristics. If you are a Dunedin or Otago Architect, builder, or an interior designer, you should celebrate your work in a photograph.

The following offers up five solid reasons why you should invest in architectural photography with Angela Jane Photography:

1. Architects, builders and interior designers need images. Your ability to win new work largely depends on a portfolio of project images that illustrate the quality of your work.
2. Architects, builders and interior designers need photography for award submissions.  
 3. Architects, builders and interior designers need photography to present their work to new clients.
4. Architects, builders and interior designers use images to promote their brand in print media.

In this case, print media covers design, construction and engineering trade magazines and in some cases newspapers. Images are just as important as written content in telling a story about a structure.

5. Architects, builders and interior designers need to showcase their work in digital media.

Online publications, websites, blogs, and social media all need images. When we read a website or a blog it requires images that leave a lasting impression.

Professional photography and lighting can truly make all the difference.  Lighting can affect colour, depth perception and more.  We’ve all heard of celebrities demanding particular lighting to make them look better. Bright lighting can highlight certain features and deliberate shadows can hide flaws.  This is true of architecture and design as well.

As a Dunedin Residential Architectural Photographer Angela Jane thinks that lighting is key.

Lighting happens to be personal passion of Angela Jane – how light plays with a space, both interior and exterior.  Her goal is to maintain the integrity of the colours and lighting as the architect and interior designer intended.  It’s important to evaluate the space at different times of the day to determine how the normal light (natural or otherwise) plays on the space.  The final product has to look completely natural, as if you’re standing right there.

Dunedin Residential Architectural Photographer

Please enjoy Angela Jane’s favourite property to date here.